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What is Lean?

Lean is the continuous quest to maximimse value creation and eliminate waste in supply chains and business processes. Read more

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain and grow operations with the resources available (economic, human and environmental) now and in the future. Read more

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is learning by doing. A small team works intensively to tackle a problem of real importance to the organisation. Read more

Who should participate?

Action Learning is relevant to all levels of the organisation from Senior Management to front line staff, and to all industry sectors including manufacturing, transport and logistics, health care and government services; any sector that aims to deliver value to end customers.

Welcome to the Action Learning Institute

We are a small but ambitious organisation determined to deliver vocational education in it’s purest form: action learning.

If you have experienced action learning before, you will know that it is unlike the type of teaching you received at school. Action learning is learning by doing rather than through conventional lectures and written examination.

Action learning is a natural way for adults to learn. It particularly suits people who may not shine in a classroom. Action learning projects achieve organisation outcomes and personal development outcomes. They demonstrate what is possible and set a pattern of learning for the organisations involved.

The Action Learning Institute is a Registered Training Organisation under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. Our aim is to promote innovation and collaboration by facilitating ‘learning through interaction’. Our mission is to plan, facilitate and support action learning programs within and across industry sectors to enhance the performance of participating organisations, develop and assess the competencies of their people, and advance the learning economies of the regions in which they operate.

An action learning program encompasses three projects, one for each participating company. Each project is undertaken at the host company by a team of four or five people. Typically the team includes two or three people from the host organisation with the remaining team members coming from the other companies. The team and their facilitator work intensively together, one day per week over five weeks. Outcomes are presented to the host company senior management on the fifth day and the host team members then commence implementation of the recommendations. At the end of the project implementation, some six to nine months later, the team reconvenes to review the outcomes achieved by the host company. Key elements of the project and its outcomes are recorded as evidence for assessment against nationally recognised qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices or Sustainable Operations (from the Sustainability Training Package) and are used as the basis for a case study and public presentations.

The results achieved to date demonstrate that the action learning process is robust and adaptable. The common objective is the continuous quest to maximise value creation and eliminate waste in supply chains and business processes. The process can be used effectively to address a wide range of business problems and challenges from high level strategy planning to detailed productivity improvements. Participants range from senior managers and directors to shop floor operators depending on the nature of the project.

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