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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain and grow operations with the resources available (economic, human and environmental) now and in the future. Read more

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is learning by doing. A small team works intensively to tackle a problem of real importance to the organisation. Read more

Who should participate?

Action Learning is relevant to all levels of the organisation from Senior Management to front line staff, and to all industry sectors including manufacturing, transport and logistics, health care and government services; any sector that aims to deliver value to end customers.

Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices MSS50316

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required by a manager or technical specialist to determine and supervise the strategy for implementing competitive systems and practices in an organisation and the organisation’s value chain.

The skills in this qualification are often known in industry under a variety of titles many of which relate to manufacturing which is the origin of many competitive systems and practices. The most common term is lean manufacturing. However, other names for some of the system skills and techniques include agile manufacturing, lean operations, six sigma, lean six sigma, and so on.

The primary application of this qualification is where an individual has responsibility for determining, implementing and managing the implementation of competitive systems and practices across an organisation. Responsibilities may also include liaison with the organisation’s value chain on implementing and measuring the performance of competitive systems and practices.

This qualification provides competitive systems and practices skills that can be applied in the following organisations and environments:

  • manufacturing enterprises
  • mining and service organisations
  • office environments
  • organisations in a manufacturing value chain, such as:
    • suppliers
    • customers
    • distributors, warehouses, transport suppliers and other logistics support
    • organisations
    • professional service suppliers, for example, legal, engineering, accounting, auditing, and education and training suppliers that may be assisting other organisations in implementing competitive systems and practices
      other organisations implementing competitive systems and practices eg. Government Departments, healthcare providers, transport organisations, and so on.

Pathways into the qualification
This qualification is suitable for either direct entry or progression from the MSS40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices.

Pathways from the qualification
Further training pathways from this qualification includes the MSS60316 Advanced Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices and the MSS70316 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices.

To be awarded the MSS50316 Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices, competency must be achieved in twenty (20) units of competency ie. an additional eight (8) units if competency against a Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices has already been achieved.

The Units of Competency will be mapped against two projects in the action learning program, one will be undertaken at the candidate’s company (home) and one project will be undertaken at another participating company (away). Following a Five Day Workshop series at each location, candidates will be required to implement the recommendations for the home project.